This article is about a spell. For the Ultima VI character, see Peer (NPC).




Casting "Peer" in Ultima VI

  • Also Called: "View" (Ultima IV)
  • Words of Power: VAS WIS YLEM
  • Reagents: MR, NS
  • Circle: 3rd

If the mage needs a quick overview of the current surroundings, this spell is just the right thing. It shows an overhead view of the area around the mage in the form of a magical map. This helps wise spellcasters to properly orient themselves if lost in the wilderness or deep within a dungeon. However, it doesn't warn the caster of any nearby enemies. For this, the Wizard Eye spell should be employed.


The lands that we now call Britannia in honor of the wise and just influence of Lord British are vast in scope and hold many uncharted regions. Although cartographers have traveled all the circumference of the main continent, many internal tracts have yet to be accurately recorded, while there are numerous islands rumored to exist to the southeast with nary a chart to show their location. Here the practitioner of the mystic arts has a great advantage over the wanderer or seafarer in that the View spell may be woven when the need arises. The View incantation is of middling difficulty and involves the use of hallucinatory Nightshade and powerful Mandrake Root. Mandrake lends power to the enchantment while Nightshade provides a mystic overview of all the land within the range of a simple Blink spell. Simply blend the reagents and speak out the name of the region through which you travel.

- from The Book of Mystic Wisdom (Ultima IV)

Travelers in Britannia tell of magical gems that transport the vision of one gazing into their depths to a viewpoint thousands of feet above the land, like that of an eagle suspended in flight. It is illusion and reality. The change of viewpoint is illusion, but the knowledge provided is real. Powerful mages can replicate these miraculous effects through magic. In Quas Wis requires only two ingredients to create its illusion. Only the most powerful mandrake root will work for this spell; and only the most convoluted stems of nightshade. Mix the two in the dark of night with seven drops of cold spring water. Let the moisture evaporate, then place the shimmering powder in a cloth sack. When intoning In Quas Wis, cast the powder high to view the world about as if from the air. If cast within a towne, building or dungeon, all the detail of that level is revealed.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)

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