Peiter is a drunken sailor found in Britain in Ultima IX.

When the Avatar first met Peiter at the docks of Britain, he was lamenting the horrid state of affairs in Britannia. He thought the only solution was to drink and party today, for one could be dragged off to Paws at any time. He told the hero to see Raven if he was interested in ocean travel, and that the ghosts of dead sailors could often be haunting their lost ships at night drinking their rum and toasting the afterlife. Later, after the Shrine of Sacrifice was cleansed, he encouraged the Avatar to join him for a drink.

Before traveling to Yew, Peiter told the Avatar about Raven's arrest and her upcoming trial at the High Court. He directed the hero to his sister Lucy in Yew for more information on the upcoming court case.

When the Avatar later talked to Peiter after returning from Terfin, he told the Avatar that he heard that the hero had stolen Farmer Bob's goat, and wouldn't believe the Avatar's claims of innocence.

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