Penumbra, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Moonglow

Penumbra is a powerful mage and seer of gypsy descent in Moonglow. She is the daughter of Zoltan's and sister of Karina, although it is not explicit as to how many parents they share.

The Avatar first encountered her in Ultima VI. She had been living with Beyvin, the recently deceased keeper of the Rune of Honesty, and when questioned she revealed that he was buried with the Rune. Despite being a clever performer in her divination (requiring more and more gold to continue), the visions she claimed to see in her crystal ball gave genuine insight into the Avatar's imminent adventure to the gargoyle homeland and the hero's subsequent quest for the two lenses.[1]

Following the end of the gargoyle war, she secured her house with a cryptic enchantment and cast herself into a deep magical stasis, predicting her future reawakening by the Avatar when the hero would again need her aid.

In Ultima VII, the Avatar was tasked with solving a puzzle locking Penumbra's house, which required the hero to place a variety of items before her door. When the hero awoke her from her two-hundred-year slumber, the effects of the damaged ether overwhelmed and debilitated her, necessitating the use of four Blackrock pieces as a form of protective filter.[2] Once shielded from the ethereal waves, she revealed the existence and location of the Tetrahedron Generator at the heart of the disturbance and directed the Avatar to obtain the Ether Ring from Lord Draxinusom, citing it as a prerequisite in breaking the Generator's defense. Upon its retrieval Penumbra enchanted the ring, enabling the Avatar to exploit its power in the effort to restore the ethereal flow.[3]

After offering her aid, she resumed her former business in Moonglow as a practicing mage and would offer the hero spells or reagents for a fee.

Trivia Edit

  • Penumbra's counterpart in reality is 'Manda, an artist and writer for Ultima VI, Savage Empire and Martian Dreams. More recently she has gone by the name "Talzhemir."
  • In Ultima VI Penumbra claims to be the "daughter of the eclipse." This fits well with her name, which is a Latin word meaning "half shadow." [4]

References Edit

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