Phearcy, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Moonglow

Phearcy is the tavernkeeper of the Friendly Knave in Moonglow, and a real gossip-machine.

In Ultima VII, many of the citizens of Moonglow claimed that Phearcy would know everything about the inhabitants. However, when talking to Phearcy it became clear real fast that he only had superficial information about the various people, always urging the Avatar to speak about Brion and Zelda. Doing so revealed that Phearcy was eager to learn some gossip about these two, since it seemed that there was something going on. Phearcy also was a member of the Fellowship but totally messed up the philosophy. Instead he felt that the Fellowship represented neo-liberalism.

Addom told the Avatar that Phearcy had asked him as well to get gossip, but had declined. So the Avatar brought some light into the situation with Brion and Zelda and then told Phearcy about the development that Brion felt nothing for Zelda, but Nelson did, so Zelda would now go for Nelson. Phearcy rewarded this juicy bit of information with a free meal.

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