This article is about an entry in the bestiary. For the Ultima VI character, see Phoenix (NPC).

Phoenix, from Ultima VII Part Two manual
Only appearance: Serpent Isle

A fiery bird that lives 1000 years, before returning to its place of birth to die. But from the ashes of the last Phoenix, a new phoenix will rise, continuing, where the last life left off. The eggs of a Phoenix are said to be full of very powerful life magics, and therefore much wanted by many mages.

The phoenix are creatures of Balance.

Only one phoenix is seen in Ultima.


This unique, orange-plumed bird lives for a thousand years, then returns to its nest and dies. But if its body is then burned, the phoenix rises from the ashes and lives again for another thousand years.

- from Beyond the Serpent Pillars (Ultima VII Part Two)

Notable examplesEdit


The Phoenix

  • The Avatar is sent by Erstam to get a Phoenix egg. On a island north of his home, the Avatar revives Skyrise, who then gives one of her eggs as reward for returning her to life. Skyrise says that now that a living phoenix exists in the world, balance can be restored.

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