Phoenix U6 NPC
Phoenix, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Castle Britannia

Phoenix is a thief living in the sewers beneath Castle Britannia.

In Ultima VI, the Avatar had to join the Guild of Thieves and the guild master wanted to throw out Phoenix, as she had been too successful, which was bad for business. So the Avatar searched for her to steal her membership belt.

When the Avatar found Phoenix, she proved to be quite talkative and spoke of her past days where she had sailed on her ship, the Thechu, until the anchor chain snapped one day and the ship drifted out onto the sea (she believed in the idea that the world was flat and that it could have fallen off). She however warned the Avatar to not even dare to touch her stuff or to denunciate her.

Seeing that she was far better armed (Magic Armour and Glass Swords), the Avatar used the Pickpocket spell to steal her belt in secret and then left her alone.

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