Uses Remaining: 50
Weight: 11 Stones
Physical Damage 100%
Weapon Damage 12 - 16
Weapon Speed 3s
Strength Requirement 50
One-Handed Weapon
Skill Required: Swordsmanship
Durability: 36 (min) - 48 (max)

The Pickaxe is a One-Handed Weapon for Swordsmanship practitioners. However, it is primarily used for harvesting Ore from cave floors and mountain sides, similar to the Shovel.

A Tinker can find it in the Tools category of the crafting menu. They cannot be recycled.

Weapons that are exceptionally crafted will receive a Damage Increase bonus that is further boosted by your character's Arms Lore skill.

Crafted versions can have their durability increased, via Powder of Fortifying, to a maximum of 255 and can be dyed with Pigments of Tokuno. If crafted exceptionally by a GM+ crafter they can hold their maker's mark.

Special Moves
Primary File:Special move double strike.jpg Double Strike
Secondary File:Disarm.jpg Disarm


Skill required:
40.0 Tinkering



As a tool, the pickaxe is used by both miners and treasure hunters. It is a consumable tool; once the item property of Uses Remaining reaches 0, the tool is destroyed. Regular tinkered pickaxe have 50 uses, while Exceptionally tinkered pickaxes have 100.

Named PickaxesEdit

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