The Pindiro Tribe, whose origin lies with the North American Indians, live in a village in north-eastern Eodon. They had to give up their old village, which lay further west, when an earthquake made it impossible to live there anymore (and now it is also swarmed with Myrmidex). Their main occupation is hunting and fishing. The other main feature of their lives is the constant feud with the Barako Tribe living west of them — a long-going feud that is rooted in who is to rule over the plains.

When the Avatar visited the village in Savage Empire, chieftain Inara surprisingly readily agreed to uniting the tribes, seeing the seriousness of the threat of the Myrmidex for the whole valley.

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It seems evident that the Pindiro have a distant relationship with one or more North American Indian tribes, particularly plains-dwelling tribes. Some dialectal phrases reminiscent of the Siouan language group, and their nomadic, plains-oriented lifestyle point to this origin.
The Pindiro appear to feel the closest kinship with the eohippus, or "down horse," ancestor of the modern equines; this mammal as large as a medium-sized dog, is very numerous on the Pindiro plains. The Pindiro hunt and trap the animal for its meat and fur, and keep some as pets.
Interestingly, though the Pindiro appear to be patriarchal in structure, their legends cite many independent queens, and the current ruler of the tribe at the time of this writing is a queen.

- from Ultimate Adventures Magazine (Savage Empire)

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