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Pirates Harbour

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Pirates Harbour, Russia, 2112 A.D.

Pirates Harbour is a city on Earth in the alternate timeline created by Minax in Ultima II. It is located in northern Russia of 2112 A.D. Aftermath, and is the last city on Earth after the nuclear holocaust of a year prior. Rocket ships necessary to travel to Planet X can be found there.

Trivia Edit


"Da KGB"

  • The city has various tongue-in-cheek references to real and perceived Soviet institutions and places, such as "da KGB," "CCCP" institutions, "da Red Skware" (referring to the Red Square), "TASS", and "Ministry of Propaganda".
  • There is also a reference to the Red Lobster chain of restaurants.
  • The walls in the water form the number "666", the number of the Beast. During space travel, the same number is the in-game coordinates of Earth.
  • This is the place where Chuckles appears for the first time.

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