The Pits of Carnage are a brutal place in a world under the rule of the Guardian.

As told by Zoranthus, the world was always a little war-like, but people had codes of honor and ethics. The Guardian took this away, making this world a brutal and dark place of barbarism. The Pits of Carnage are the prison of the worst of that lot. The inhabitants were constantly fighting each other, although challenges had to be spoken out first.

The Avatar came to this world in Ultima Underworld II, and after disabling the magic line, discovered that Dorstag, the champion of the pits, had the Blackrock gem.

The Avatar could gain the gem by killing Dorstag, or by enlisting the aid of the Troll, Blog.

Meeting the mage Zoranthus in the deeper levels, the Avatar got much information, and later received a Djinn Bottle for a small favor.

NPCs Edit

Worlds of the Blackrock Jewel
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