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Place of Visions

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The Place of Visions

The Place of Visions lies on the Monk Isle of Serpent Isle, west of the monastery. It is basically a big, white, magical wall, where the Monks all gather at a certain time of the day to see if they get a vision of the future. It is considered a great honor to receive a vision of the future from the wall.

In Ultima VII Part Two, the Avatar travelled to Monk Isle, and attented to the ceremony at the Place of Visions. Concentrating, the Avatar received a vision of Petra walking through acid, while the hero stood in the background. This vision turned out to be very important in the quest to save Serpent Isle and the universe from destruction.

Trivia Edit

  • Strangely enough, even after solving the puzzle with Petra in the temple, the vision stays the same. This could be considered an oversight of the programmers.

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