Creating a Poison Field

  • Words of Power: IN NOX GRAV
  • Reagents: NS, BP, SS
  • Circle: 6th

This spell is almost the same as the poison-spell, only that it creates a field that will poison the first creature stepping on it, even the caster's party! However, it shares the same weakness as the poison-spell, as the poisoned foe can still attack and endanger the caster.

Thus it is a spell of rather dubious usefulness.


Another of the three energy field spells, In Nox Grav causes a cloud of nauseating poison to occur in the location indicated. Any creatures entering the cloud suffer some degree of poisoning. Like In Flam Grav, this spell can be just as effective in harming friends as enemies, so use care. That rare but deadly poison, nightshade, is required for In Nox Grav. Add spider silk to shape the cloud, and black pearl to direct its placement.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)