Various armour/shields

In the hidden land of Eodon, the various tribes of the land made use of different kinds of primitive armour -- many familiar to those of Britannia, many not.

For easy reference, these forms of protection are consolidated here for players of Savage Empire, listed in the local "pecking order," from best to least protective.

Armour/Shield Weight Relative Protection Best Source
Kotl-shield-anim Kotl shield  ? Amazing Kotl
Krukksh Shield of Krukk*  ? Excellent Myrmidex Caves
Stegsh Stegosaurus shield 6 Good Pindiro
Leathera Leather armour 4 Good Nahuatla
Leathersh Leather shield 4 Fair Nahuatla
Barka Bark armour 6 Fair Nahuatla guards
Barksh Bark shield 5 Poor Barrab
Clotha Cloth armour 3 Poor Nahuatla

* The Shield of Krukk is a quest item; see Grugorr for details.

Lore Edit

The armor and shields of the Valley likewise followed a pecking order. Shields made from Stegosaurus plates are the "chief" form of protection. Armor and shields made of leather outrank those made from tree bark, but either material offers greater protection than cloth.

- from Ultimate Adventures Magazine (Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire)

Kotl Shields: These are actually shields to be used in combat. They're shaped like shields but have glowing, rippling blue surfaces. If you find one of these, take it: It's the best sort of armor you can find in all the valley.

- from Malone's Guide to the Valley of Eodon (Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire)

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