Quenton, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Skara Brae

Quenton is a ghost haunting the city of Skara Brae.

Quenton was once a humble fisherman, whose bad luck was legendary. He was once happily married and had a daughter named Marney. His wife had died when pirates kidnapped and sold her into prostitution. Surprisingly, Quenton was appointed as the guardian of the Rune of Spirituality. Some time before Ultima VI, Quenton was desperate to get medicine for Marney, and took a loan from the criminal Michael. When Quenton couldn't pay back the loan, Michael killed him and disguised it to appear as a gargoyle raid. Even worse, Michael tried to get close to Marney, something that Quenton's friend Yorl thankfully stopped in time.

The Avatar first met him in Ultima VI, but the hero was unable to communicate with Quenton's ghost. Later, Quenton witnessed the complete destruction of Skara Brae, and the thought of the mad Horance holding the soul of Marney captive in his Well of Souls only depressed him even more.

When the Avatar again met him in Ultima VII, Quenton told the hero his life story, revealing how enraged he was over the fact that Horance held Marney prisoner. Quenton also had a lot to say about the other ghosts in the city. However, he didn't want to make the ultimate sacrifice, since he didn't want to risk hurting Marney's soul. When the Well of Souls was finally destroyed, Quenton's soul escaped to the void, finally at peace and reunited with his loved ones.

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