Raliegh is the bowyer of Yew in Ultima IX.

Unlike others, Raliegh was not corrupted, and told the Avatar of the craze of lawsuits crippling life in Yew, citing one customer who was suing him just because said customer was totally inept with a bow. That led to Raliegh revealing that Raven was before the court on false claims that she was responsible for genocide of the gargoyles. Raliegh knew the trial would be falsee, since there was no evidence.

Raliegh wanted to leave the city because of these unacceptable conditions, however, he was still willing to teach the Avatar the second bow technique for 2000 gold pieces and offer his goods for sale.

Goods Edit

Goods Cost
Arrows(10) 5gp
Target Bow 150gp
Novice Bow 50gp
Longbow 550gp

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