Raven is the secret daughter of Samhayne and a important person in Ultima IX. She also is the love-interest of the Avatar. She has a house on Buccaneer's Den and a ship, the Silver Hart, otherwise next to nothing is known about her.

The Avatar met her at Despise, and made a deal with her, as she was the only one with a ship ready. So the Avatar did a task for her employer, Samhayne. However, a double-cross happened, and Blackthorn arrested the Avatar. However, Raven and Samhayne were innocent in that matter, and helped the Avatar on his quest after that. Raven brought the Avatar to various places with her ship.

Later, Raven even got intimate with the Avatar, helping him to join the guild, while teaching him how to use her ship. They had to say goodbye, when the Avatar left for the final fight with the Guardian.


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