Raxos is the self-proclaimed "First Citizen" and "Great Leader" of Minoc in Ultima IX, practically a dictator.

Raxos seized power in Minoc during the years of rioting that erupted after the rise of the Guardian's columns. Raxos had built a military dictatorship in the city, and controlled it with an iron-fist, even falsely claiming that Lord British had given him the right to rule. He himself had delusions of grandeur, and felt that people should not be allowed to have a choice. Besides his fascist ideas and style of leadership, he also had the mad idea that to restore the Shrine of Sacrifice, they'd have to make human sacrifices of the 'disbelievers'. He intended the mage Nico to be the first victim.

After the Shrine of Sacrifice was cleansed, Raxos saw the error of his ways. He decided to give away his fortune to the people of Minoc, and retire to life as a hermit, meditating upon the Virtues.

Trivia Edit

  • The Avatar also has the choice to simply kill Raxos and take his key.

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