Razor is an Assistant program (similar to the popular UOAssist) for player-run Ultima Online (freeshards) developed by the RunUO team. Razor not only allows you to connect to freeshards, but has many features to make tedious tasks in game quite a deal easier. It would take quite a while to list all of its features here.

SelectUO provides an option to launch the game using razor.

Custom Freeshard PatchesEdit

Many freeshards have available or even require custom patches which extend the gameplay. Razor does not include a way to download or incorporate these patches when connecting to these freeshards. You can download the patched separately and incorporate them manually yourself, but this is a permanent solution and is not recommended. Therefore, it is recommended that you use Razor in conjunction with a different tool to connect to your freeshards of choice.

Other Connect ToolsEdit

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