Dispel Undead

  • Also Called: Dispel Undead, Undead
  • Words of Power: AN XEN CORP
  • Reagents: GA, SA
  • Circle: 3rd

The undead of Britannia can be a true plague. However, should they pose more of a nuisance to the caster's party than a true threat, then the Smite Undead spell would be a huge waste. In this case, this lower-circle spell is ideal.

Repel Undead causes all of the undead around the mage to panic and flee as quickly as possible, rather than destroy them outright.


Ever since the coming of the evil wizard Mondain and his hellish offspring, the lands of Britannia have been plagued by the return of creatures already slain. These once-dead beings take many forms, the most common being the animated skeletons of orcs and goblins, or the ghoulish forms of flesh-eating corpses that have been summoned from the land of shades to wreak havoc on the living. These apparitions are cowed by the light of righteousness and fight as warriors in a trance. Nonetheless, they are hard to kill and never tire in battle and thus may jeopardize even a seasoned band of adventurers. Each mage knows a form of turning them aside when encountered, but the components of such magics are personal and depend on the spellcaster. You must use your knowledge of the properties of magical reagents to determine which two will lend force to your enchantment of Undead turning. When you have found the proper mixture, cast it at your foes while chanting the name of what the creatures once were when they trod the earth in life.

- from The Book of Mystic Wisdom (Ultima IV)

The powers of evil revel in their ability to command the uneasy dead. Rotted corpses and corrupted spirits, given motion and a semblance of life, are set on the mindless destruction of everything good. Such phantoms are not living but are merely animated. They act mindlessly, unaware of their own horrible state. By negating their armour of mindlessness, An Xen Corp causes most risen dead to flee in lurching terror. An Xen Corp is not a difficult spell, especially for casters of good intellect. Nor is its mixture difficult: ordinary amounts of common garlic and sulphurous ash must be mixed while pronouncing words of reverence for life and beauty.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)

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