Rhian, from Ultima VIII
Species: Human
Ultima VIII
Location: Tenebrae

Rhian is the weaver of Tenebrae, and a tragic character of Ultima VIII, connected to the fates of her husband Toran and her son Torwin.

Toran was executed before her very eyes for claiming that Mordea had erected a dictatorship. She was full of grief when she confessed to the Avatar later, that she'd warned him to be quiet. Now, she had to take over her late husband's jewelry shop to keep herself afloat. The only thing keeping her together was the knowledge that her son Torwin, who had left for Argentrock Isle to become a healer, could return someday.

However, even that hope was destroyed when Torwin died in the ocean surrounding the island. The Avatar had to return his ring and the horrible news to Rhian that her son would never return. This was the final straw and with her tragedy now complete, she was broken with grief.

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