Magical Rings are for the magic-users and the mundane alike. The use of these rings is quite simple: put a ring on your finger, and whatever magical ability it grants takes effect immediately.

However, magic rings also have a drawback: they vanish after a period of use. Still, they are a must-have for adventurers, to be used only when necessary, in order to preserve them. Magic rings exist in three variants in Britannia:

  • Regeneration Ring: This ring provides steady healing, substituting healing potions and spells.
  • Invisibility Ring: This ring makes the wearer invisible, as the spell Invisibility would do.
  • Protection Ring: The wearer gets a higher armour class, as if wearing another, invisible, shield.

Magical rings first appeared in Ultima V. From there on, they functioned the same (save for Ultima IX). There also are special magical rings like the Ether Ring or the Ring of Reagents, but these rare items are listed separately.

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