Rob, from Ultima IV
Species: Human
Ultima IV
Location: Paws
Description: proprietor of the Folley Tavern

Rob is a tavernkeeper in Paws in Ultima IV.

Along with Greg, Rob was the owner of the Folley Tavern in Paws during Ultima IV. One of their specialties was the Folley Filet. When he talked to the Stranger, Rob told him that the last person he knew that had any mandrake root was an old alchemist named Calumny.


  • There is another tavernkeeper named Rob in the Lycaeum in Ultima V. The name of his tavern, The Folley Tap, is also very similar to the Folley Tavern.
  • There is another tavernkeeper named Rob in Moonglow in Ultima VI. His specialty, Frasier's Folley, has a similarity in name to the Folley Tavern.

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