Roberto, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Buccaneer's Den

Roberto is a prostitute at the Baths in Buccaneer's Den

In Ultima VII, the Avatar found Roberto aloof outside of his place of employment, citing his desire for privacy. If the hero encountered him in the evening at the House of Baths, he would prove more receptive, playing the part of the flirtatious host. He claimed that he enjoyed working at the Baths, as it gave him the opportunity to meet numerous attractive clients.[1]

He offered to attend the hero in a luxuriant bath; to offer his skills as a masseur; or to simply engage the Avatar in pleasant conversation, where he spoke of rumors of secret passages inside the mountains of the island. He also would invite the hero to join him in the Community Room, where he would perform various sexual acts.

Trivia Edit

  • Roberto will bed the Avatar regardless of gender.
  • Mandy admits to being a regular client of his.[2]

References Edit

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