Robin, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: New Magincia

Robin is a pirate with a fable for gambling, who has a dark plan.

The Avatar found him and his bodyguards Battles and Leavell stranded on New Magincia in Ultima VII. Robin told the Avatar how he had been the son of a noble man, but was thrown out of the family after his father got fed up with him.

He then talked about how he and his bodyguards came to be stranded on the island. Robin had been cheating in the House of Games on Buccaneer's Den for quite some time, with his bodyguards keeping away the guard Syntag. However, thing went awry when Syntag finally got reinforcements from his relatives, and so they had to leave the island. However, despite the ship being new, it broke apart in a relatively minor storm thanks to Owen's shoddy work.

Finally, Robin made an offer: he had lost a certain locket and asked if he could use the Avatar's boat, offering the locket as payment, once the Avatar found it. The Avatar though discovered that it was Henry's stolen locket which Robin spoke about. After finding the locket and showing it to him, Robin revealed that he planned to kidnap Constance and sell her as a prostitute to the House of Baths to pay his gambling debts, and intended to kill the Avatar to take his boat.

In the resulting battle, Robin and his two companions perished.

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