Rocco, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Moonshade

Rocco, an elderly man with a bad memory for dates, is the owner of the branch of the Blue Boar Inn on the Serpent Isle, specifically Moonshade.

Some time prior to Ultima VII Part Two, Rocco helped Petra to get away from the tyrannical Torrissio by striking a deal with the mage that he'd let Petra work in the inn to show off Torrissio's supposed skill. Since then he'd grown fond of her.

When meeting the Avatar, he told the hero a lot about the history of his inn and the emigration of the people from Sosaria to the Serpent Isle, although he only knew the official version (which was full of propaganda). During that story he also mentioned Erstam and because of Filbercio's womanizing ways was mighty glad that Petra was metal. Rocco also remembered Batlin staying at the inn, adding that he'd stolen something important during that time, as well as Gwenno travelling to the Xenkan Monks to study old scripts.

When numerous days later Shamino the Anarch invaded Moonshade, he was murdered by the Bane personally.

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