Rogwump, from Ultima Underworld II
Species: Goblin
Ultima Underworld II

Rogwump is a Goblin from a surface clan.

Together with his fellow Goblins Dripper and the Unnamed Goblin, they were scouting out the sewers beneath the castle, when the Guardian locked them in with his Blackrock Dome in Ultima Underworld II.

When the Avatar later found him on the fourth level, the hero remarked that Rogwump was awfully polite for a Goblin. Rogwump then described what had led them to be in the situation they now were in, before ranting how much he hated fish by now. He was glad to trade some fish for other kinds of food. Later, he agreed with the Unnamed Goblin to give the Avatar a reward for dealing with the Bloodworms around the lake.

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