Rowena, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Skara Brae

Rowena is the late wife of Trent, the blacksmith of Skara Brae.

Horance had some kind of desire for her, so after he had risen the dead, he ordered them to bring Rowena to him. However, in the end, the mindless undead killed her. This did not matter to Horance, since he was content to have her ghost. Thus, her soul stayed imprisoned at his side.

Only during Ultima VII was she finally rescued. The Avatar played her husband's music box near her to give her a short moment of clarity; she gave the Avatar her wedding ring as a sign to her husband that she was well (as far as possible for a ghost), allowing Trent to finish the Soul Cage. Later, after destroying the Liche, the Avatar returned her to Trent. Rowena and her husband were last seen in an embrace that was described as indefinite.

When the Well of Souls was later destroyed, her soul escaped to the void, finally at peace.

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