The Royal Mint

The Royal Mint in Britain is, logically, the place where the coins for the kingdom of Britannia are made. Thus it is a very sensitive place, always heavily guarded to scare away criminals. At the mint, the traveler, merchant or simple citizen of Britannia can exchange gold nuggets and gold bars into coins. The Mint is within the same building as the town hall of Britain.

The Mint was first seen in Ultima VI, where Terri was its director. In Ultima VII, Cynthia had this job. Both exchanged gold into coins. During Ultima VII Part Two, a teleport storm exchanged the Mint with a lighthouse near Fawn on the Serpent Isle. The Avatar had to loot the ruined Mint in order to get passage to Moonshade.

Trivia Edit

  • In Ultima VII Part Two, the ruined Mint is booby-trapped by Batlin's men to try to destroy the Avatar.
  • The exchange rate is 10 Gold Coins for a nugget and 100 Gold Coins for a gold bar.
  • Looting the mint is a difficult task in Ultima VII. It can only be done by first killing Cynthia, taking her keys, and then resurrecting her. And then there are still the guards...

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