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The Royal Museum is located in Britain. Within it are many curiosities and antiquities from Britannia's past. Artifacts of previous quests often end up there after they are no longer of use. It came into existence in the time of Ultima VI. Often, items within the museum are needed to complete quests.

Ultima VI Edit

Kytyn is the curator of the museum in this time period. The museum didn't have its own building yet, and shared it with the Hall of Bards. Beside the listed exhibits there are also things like dragon wings and heads, a never-ending spring and several pieces of art. Kytyn also says they're expecting to exhibit "some unicorn horns, and a Klein bottle from Trinsic" in future.

Notable exhibitsEdit

Ultima VII Edit

Candice is the curator of the Museum in this time period. The museum expanded in the 200 years and is now housed in its own building. Also the number of exhibits had risen as well. Beside the item exhibits there are also again several pieces of art like statues of Lord British and the Avatar, as well as things of lesser value like Lord British's musket and harpsichord.

Notable exhibitsEdit

Ultima IX Edit

Aleena is the curator of the museum in this time period. Many items that were previously destroyed or lost have somehow found their way into the museum, and some objects now look different (Some fans have made the argument that the objects in the museum are magical images as you can press a button on each case to make the object disappear).

Notable exhibitsEdit

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