Rudyom, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Cove

Mage, Alchemist and scientist, this is Rudyom, a man of many talents, who lives in the village of Cove, following his studies there while doing business at the same time.

Rudyom was first encountered in Ultima VI. He was selling all kind magical merchandise in Cove, not caring if someone was ready for it, or not. He also had a pet Drake which annoyed visitors with small fireballs.

After the Moongates started to get disrupted by the Guardian, Rudyom started to investigate the matter, especially experimenting with Blackrock to solve the problem. His experiments with Blackrock resulted in the creation of Rudyom's Wand. However, thanks to the Generator, he lost his mind, and was unable to continue. He also leased the Magic Carpet to some adventurers, and they never returned it to him (He says that he disliked the color anyway...).

He was still mad by the time the Avatar visited him in Ultima VII, but still sold magical merchandise. His wand and his notes were quite a help on the quest. When later the generator was destroyed, like all mages he finally regained his sanity and commented on the loss of the Moongates.

Trivia Edit

  • Rudyom is the only mage who sells the Armageddon spell.

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