Ruggs, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Fellowship Camp

Ruggs is a sailor from Britannia, who has come with the Fellowship expedition to the Serpent Isle.

The Avatar met him in Ultima VII Part Two when trying to enter Fawn for the first time. Ruggs had been banned from the city along with the rest of the Fellowship expedition, and asked the Avatar to deliver a love letter to Delphynia. Being a Britannian, he immediately knew the Avatar's identity. After successfully doing so, the Avatar brought the reply to Ruggs in the Fellowship Camp.

Ruggs was pleased with the reply, and mentioned that the cartographer Scots had a map for the Avatar. He also spoke of how the expedition arrived on the Serpent Isle and had lots to say about the various people in the camp, especially about Leon, who'd managed to give Ruggs a better outlook on life. He also knew a lot of Batlin's three lackeys Palos, Brunt and Deadeye. He warned that Deadeye, the only one he really knew, was a nasty bully.

His emotions were very severely strained when Delphynia turned against him during the trial because of her deep indoctrination of the corrupt way of beauty. After the trial was revealed as corrupt, Ruggs forgave her when she felt remorse for her actions. Sadly, when Mad Iolo invaded Fawn, he murdered Delphynia, but left Ruggs, the ugliest person of Fawn, the only person alive in the city. Ruggs was broken with grief.