Runeb, from Ultima VII
Species: Gargoyle
Ultima VII
Location: Vesper

Runeb is a winged gargoyle on Terfin who serves as clerk at the local branch of the Fellowship.

In Ultima VII, the Avatar heard rumors from Lord Draxinusom, Teregus and Forbrak that Runeb was a violent individual and had a reputation for being dangerous and cruel.

Looking for evidence of a plot to destroy the Shrines of the Principles, the Avatar found proof in Sarpling's shop that Runeb, together with Sarpling, sought the shrines' destruction, and that after killing and framing Quan, Runeb hoped to ascend to the position of Fellowship branch leader for the island.

When the Avatar confronted him, Runeb attempted to kill the hero, and was presumably slain in the ensuing battle.

Later, when confronted with Runeb's machinations, Quan refused to believe his aide's guilt.


  • Runeb translates to "red mist" in Gargish (which is what he leaves of his enemies). He will claim, sarcastically, if asked, that it means "Busy One."

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