Rutherford, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Minoc

Rutherford is the owner of the tavern/inn of Minoc in Ultima VII. A retired pirate who'd went to honest work after almost being killed by a dangerous pirate.

Rutherford was met in his tavern during the business hours. He admitted that Minoc usually was a quiet city, until the murders in the sawmill had happened -a crime he hoped the Avatar would manage to solve. Although not a Fellowship member, he'd heard a lot of "good" about them and had no negative opinion of them.

However, when asked about Hook, Rutherford finally made the connection that the murders were clearly his work. He then spoke about his past as a pirate and how he'd met Hook, something that had cost him an arm and an eye and made him give up piracy. Rutherford warned the Avatar, that Hook is very dangerous and made the connection, that the Crown Jewel, which was in port at the night of the murders, most likely was Hook's ship.

Apart from helping with the investigation, Rutherford offered the services of the house: food, drinks and a room.

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