Sahree, from Savage Empire
Species: Human
Savage Empire

Sahree is a member of the Yolaru Tribe in Savage Empire, and the daughter of Mosagann.

Sahree was good friends with Aiela, despite their tribes being at war, and was known to often sneak off to hunt with Aiela. She was quite distressed by the disappearance of her friend, but knew not where to find Darden or the Urali Tribe.

Sahree told the Avatar how she and Aiela had hoped to unite the tribes, but they would not listen to them. She further told the Avatar the story of Oloro-of-no-tribe, who in the past helped unite all the tribes against a common foe. She told how this man performed a great task for each tribe, and then used a giant drum to summon all the warriors for a common purpose. She felt that a new warrior should come and do the same.

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