The repilian Sakkhra Tribe living in the caves of south-western Eodon are native to the valley and the remains of the once great civilisation of the underground city of Kotl. Over the centuries, the primitive conditions under which they were forced to live had eredicated almost all of the once high culture out of their collective memory. The tribe now is in constant warfare with the Barrab Tribe living to the east, who constantly violate the Sakkhra territory. They also have a huge grudge against the Myrmidex, their history speaking of how these monsters had ruined their people.

When getting to the tribe in Savage Empire, the chieftain Sysskarr was willing to join the cause against the Myrmidex after the Avatar would get rid of a Tyrannosaurus, who blocked the way to a small sub-valley to the north, where the most potent healing plants were growing. After the Avatar got rid of the beast, the Sakkhra tribe joined in on the cause.

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The Sakkhra are a bipedal dinosaurian race. They stand some six to seven feet in height and weigh an average of about 150 pounds. And, though this statement will inevitably lead to consternation and mockery among my fellows in the scientific community, they have every appearance of being a sentient race, possessing language, the knowledge and ability to flake stone into weaponry, civilized customs, and the ability to learn and speak some of the human language of the valley. They seem to be an evolutionary offshoot of some bipedal carnosaur; my best guest places their ancestor in the family Dromaeosauridae. They feature cranial crests as, it would appear, warning mechanisms and secondary sexual characteristics, and the Domaeosauridae's distinctive sickle - claw on the lower legs is merely a vestige in the Sakkhra.

- from Ultimate Adventures Magazine (Savage Empire)

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