Salamon, from Ultima VII
Species: Emp
Ultima VII
Location: Emp Village

Salamon is the oldest and wisest of the Emps living in the Emp Village.

In Ultima VII, all of the Emps had said that Salamon had lots of human contact, and Saralek requested Salamon's permission before she'd allow Trellek to go with the Avatar on adventure.

Salamon cryptically said that she hadn't any kind of job, instead being there for the whole clan. She spoke in length of the various foodstuffs that Emps ate, how it was difficult for them to make bread and how they detested meat since it went against their beliefs. When seeing that the Avatar carried some honey, she asked for some and got one of the jars, much to her joy.

When asked for her permission that Trellek could go with the Avatar, Salamon gave the Avatar the condition to bring a contract to the woodcutter Ben, in which he'd agree to stop the destruction of their living space. The Avatar did as told, and Salamon was pleased and gave her permission. Despite Salamon's blessing, Saralek was in the end unwilling to let Trellek go.

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