Salan, from Ultima V: Lazarus
Species: Human
Ultima V: Lazarus
Location: Britain
Description: music teacher

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Salan is a bard and teacher at the Bard's Academy in Britain in Ultima V: Lazarus.

If Iolo was in the Avatar's party, Salan's foremost worry upon meeting the hero was the safety of the bard and his companions with Blackthorn's men searching for them. Salan explained to the Avatar that the Bard's Academy had only stood in Britain for merely 10 years, and that they currently only had two students in residence, Teril and Ludrag. Salan praised the various bards who had helped with the Academy's founding, including Iolo, Gwenno, and the masterful Greyson. [1]

Salan felt that Teril was a talented student and a master with the flute, whose skills had already surpassed his own. His only worry was that his young student was lacking confidence, which he believed would come in time. Ludrag on the other hand he described as a challenge, suggesting that even though the young student hardly lacked in confidence, he was practically tone deaf. His greatest wish for Salan had been for the boy to have a more positive father figure, implying Lord Petyr neglected him emotionally.

If pressed about why he would not teach Teril 'Stones', Salan admitted that Lord Petyr had forbidden him from teaching anyone the famous song by Iolo and Gwenno.


  • Salan's counterpart in reality is Lazarus composer Jared "Salanthalas" Ellsworth.


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