Salkind, from Ultima VIII
Species: Human
Ultima VIII
Location: Tenebrae

Salkind is Mordea's seneschal, and an arrogant and contemptible man.

The Avatar got a first impression of Salkind's character in Ultima VIII during Toran's execution. Speaking with him later, Salkind revealed himself to be extremely arrogant man who saw everyone other than the Tempest below himself. He was also revealed to sexually harass Aramina. Some time later, he discovered Bentic's research into the royal lineage and ordered him executed and Devon arrested, so that Mordea's secret (and his job) would stay safe. After the Avatar had spoken to Devon and Salkind about the reason for Devon's imprisonment, the seneschal told the hero to consult his logbook for information.

This proved to be an error, as the Avatar used the entry about hidden research to search for and read Bentic's conclusions. Just when Devon was about to be executed, the Avatar revealed the truth that Devon was the true Tempest. Salkind slipped when saying that he had locked the book securely away, confirming accidentally to everyone that it was true.

He begged for Mordea's forgiveness, but she gave him none, stabbing a dagger into his chest and then casting him into the sea to be eaten by Hydros's minions.

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