Saralek, from Ultima VII
Species: Emp
Ultima VII
Location: Emp Village

Saralek is an Emp living in the Emp Village and Trellek's wife.

She was at first careful when talking to the Avatar in Ultima VII. For her, her family was her job, and she feared for the future because more and more of the silverleaf trees in which they lived were cut down by the lumberjack Ben.

When the Avatar told her that Trellek wanted to go on an adventure with the party, she was opposed, and wanted the Avatar to receive permission from Salamon before she would give her own permission.

However, she revealed after Salamon had given her blessings, that she actually had never intended for Trellek to leave. However, she told the Avatar that there was a different way to attract Wisps, and that Trellek should make a whistle that can emulate his whistling.

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