This article is about an NPC from Ultima VII. For other uses, see Sasha (disambiguation).

Sasha, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Minoc

Sasha is a gypsy and the son of Frederico and Tania, who were both victims of Hook's ministrations. He is camped outside of Minoc.

Prior to the events of Ultima VII, Sasha left the gypsy encampment to join the Fellowship, a move that upset his parents, especially his father, whom Sasha feared would beat him. Sasha befriended Seara, a clockmaker and member of the local artist's guild, who gave him a place to stay during his flight from his people.[1]

In Ultima VII, Sasha had returned to the gypsies to mourn for his slain parents with his uncle Jergi and aunt Margareta. His grief was still quite fresh when the Avatar spoke to him, and was obviously torn over his decision to join the Fellowship.


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