NOTE: The Codex of Editable Wisdom does not advocate software piracy. However, as Origin / EA has already made this information public via their Ultima Archives, it is included here. If you are the copyright holder of the Ultima games and wish it removed, please post in the talk page and it will be removed immediately.

Savage Empire Copy Protection Questions and AnswersEdit

Intanya's QuestionsEdit

  • In your dreams, what did you think of as an old trusty friend?
  • In your dreams, you saw birds. What sort of eyes did they have?
    • Reptilian
  • In your dreams, what was it that you lacked?
    • Memory
  • What sort of cover does Jimmy's notebook have?
    • Weatherproof
  • What does Professor Rafkin think the Valley is akin to?
    • Time Capsule
  • What is the first tribe Rafkin discusses in his notes?
    • Nahuatla
  • What does Rafkin say happens frequently between tribes?
    • Clashes
  • What expedition has returned?
    • Wild Basin

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