Scale armour Male - Female

Scale armour consists of overlapping scales fashioned in the form of a tunic, most likely attached to a leather or cloth backing. Scale armour provides more protection from bludgeon attacks; however, it does not cover as much total area as chainmail. Additional drawbacks are the hefty price and equally impressive weight.

Scale armour was first introduced in Ultima V.

Defensive ValuesEdit

Piece Defense Value
Chest 2
Closed Helmet 3

For the other body parts, pieces from other armour classes have to be used, because they don't exist in a scale variant in Ultima VII.

Lore Edit

Fashioned from four to six inch square overlapping plates attached to cloth or leather gambeson, scale armour looks like its name-sake; fish scales. Although scale is often somewhat noisy, it offers good protection.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)

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