This article is about an advisor in the Lycaeum. For the proprietor of The Honest Inn, see Scatu (Moonglow).

Scatu, from Ultima IV
Species: Human
Ultima IV
Location: Lycaeum
Description: Mage, advisor

Scatu was the advisor to Robert Frasier and Beth Frasier in the Lycaeum during the time of Ultima IV. A tall mage, Scatu advised the Stranger to visit Hawkwind the Royal Seer often.

When the Stranger noticed the strange armour Scatu wore, the mage revealed it to be Mystic Armour. Scatu suggested that, should the Stranger reach partial Avatarhood in all eight Virtues, the hero should seek out Zircon in Minoc and ask him of the Mystics.

Trivia Edit

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