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Scimitar of Khumash-Gor

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The Scimitar of Khumash-Gor

The Scimitar of Khumash-Gor is a weapon surrounded by myth in Ultima VIII. It was said that Khumash-Gor wielded it while leading his armies, and that it was buried along with him. Nobody would dare to search for it however, since it was also said that Khumash-Gor would destroy anyone trying to steal it from him.

The Scimitar was found by the Avatar in the Shrine of the Ancient Ones, where Khumash-Gor's tomb was located. True to the legends, Khumash-Gor appeared and attacked the Avatar, who was able to employ the spell Grant Peace to banish him from Pagan, leaving only his weapon behind.

It is unknown what happened to the Scimitar after the Avatar left Pagan.

Trivia Edit

  • The Scimitar's power doubles when used against undead such as ghouls and skeletons.

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