Scots, from Ultima VII Part Two
Species: Human
Ultima VII Part Two
Location: Fellowship Camp

Scots is a cartographer from Britannia, who'd come with the Fellowship expedition to the Serpent Isle. Despite this however, he is no member of the Fellowship.

The Avatar met Scots in the Fellowship Camp outside of Fawn in Ultima VII Part Two. Scots spoke of how even Lord British had said that he was one of the best cartographers of Britannia and that Gwenno approaching him to travel to this unknown land was a great honor. He however had no idea where she was at the moment. Scots spoke of the various dangers of the land, like the Goblins, before his main focus shifted to his fellow Britannian Ruggs. He told the Avatar that despite his looks, Ruggs was a kind man. However, he feared that it would be difficult for Ruggs to convince the herbalist Delphynia of that, since she was quite superstitious.

However, after the Avatar had helped Ruggs convey his feelings to Delphynia, he gave the Avatar the hint to ask Scots about a special map. Scots gladly gave the map of the Serpent Isle, which he had puzzled together from various information. Scots warned, however, that especially the northern parts could be quite inaccurate, which proved to be true.

Scots was later killed when Mad Iolo invaded Fawn,

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