Seara, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Minoc

Seara is a member of the Artisan's Guild, specialising in the building and repairing of clocks.

The Avatar found him inside the guild hall in Ultima VII. Seara spoke of how he'd thought of Minoc as a peaceful city, until their double-murder had happened. While he knew nothing of the murder itself, he'd met with the victim's son Sasha quite often, although the contact had been cut off recently. Having heard the Fellowship's preachings so often from Sasha, he was able to chant them from memory although like the other guild members he had something against the Fellowship.

That made the Avatar question him about the topic of Owen's statue, which was sponsored by the Fellowship. Seara felt that the statue was a huge mistake and feared for the future of the guild, telling the Avatar to ask Gladstone about it.

After all this, Seara decided to only speak about his job and his love for clocks, not wanting to delve into town affairs anymore. He also praised his co-workers Xanthia and Gladstone.

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