A Seer of the Moonstone

The Seers of the Moonstone were a group a mages from Moonglow who volunteered to live in the Abyssal colony of Sir Cabirus, creating their rooms, libraries and great hall in the 6th level of the Abyss. The main reason for them living there was to study the magical anomalies in the Abyss. Holding close relations with the Mountain-Folk, they specialized in spells of light, food and comfort. When the Abyss was closed, they were trapped in it as well. Most of the mages were able to teleport out from the Abyss, but chose to return to continue their work.

In Ultima Underworld I, the Avatar met the mages. They had remained together, but were seriously weakened, and terrorized by Tyball, who lived in the level below them. Nonetheless, they helped the Avatar as much as they could, although their means were very limited.

They were evacuated when the colony was destroyed, but were never heard from again.

Members Edit

Also the Talking Door, a former member of the order, has to be mentioned.

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