Following in the footsteps of UOGateway and ConnectUO, SelectUO was developed as an emulation connection tool designed specifically for the game Ultima Online. By using SelectUO players have the option of creating their own shard listing to allow others to join them on their shard or using it to connect to other peoples shards anywhere in the world. Since the closing of ConnectUO there has been dwindling activity in the free shard community, SelectUO seeks to fill the gap and once again give players an easy to use utility to play their favorite game.

It is currently a closed source beta project that allows players to connect with each other outside of Electronic Art's (OSI) official game servers also known as shards.

SelectUO uses various decryption methods to bypass the Electronic Arts client encryption packets to allow game play on an Ultima Online emulator. The most popular of these emulators being RunUO.

Built in the .NET 4.0 framework

Works with all client versions and will continue to be supported for years to come.

See AlsoEdit

[SelectUO Website]

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