Selganor, from Ultima VI
Species: Human
Ultima VI
Location: Minoc

Selganor is the guild master of the Artisan's Guild in Ultima VI.

After having been informed by the mayor of Minoc that Selganor had been entrusted with the safekeeping of the Rune of Sacrifice, the Avatar sought him out to retrieve the rune. When Selganor introduced himself, he explained that his name meant "seeker of the crystal" and had a long history, but respectfully declined to elaborate as he realized the Avatar was on more pressing business. When asked about the rune, he confirmed that it was in his possession, but regretfully informed the Avatar that he was unable to loan it to anyone outside the guild. As a solution, Selganor offered the Avatar membership in the guild, provided that the hero could pass two simple tests; craft a set of panpipes and commit the song "Stones" to memory. After the requirements had been met with some aid from Julia and Gwenno, Selganor welcomed the Avatar into the guild, relinquished the rune and wished the hero fortune in dealing with the gargoyle threat.

The Avatar returned later on to ask Selganor of the balloonist, and was pointed in the direction of Sutek's Castle.

Trivia Edit

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