The Serpent Artifacts

The Serpent Artifacts are very important in Ultima VII Part Two. The Avatar has to have all of them at near the end of the game, or it will be impossible to win.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

The artifacts are:

  • Serpent Necklace, needed to enter the Shrine of Balance and to speak to the Great Earth Serpent.
  • Serpent Ring, needed to enter the Shrine of Balance.
  • Serpent Staff, needed to summon the Ssithnos and become Hierophant.
  • Serpent Armour, best armour in the game and needed to become Hierophant.
  • Serpent Crown, needed to become Hierophant.

The Avatar first found the Serpent Earrings, given to him by Shamino - a gift from Frigidazzi. The Serpent Ring was the reward for finishing the tests given by Lord Zhelkas in Furnance. On the way outside, the Avatar found the Serpent Staff guarded by trolls. The Avatar received the Serpent Necklace after freeing the souls from Gorlab Swamp. Following the notes of dead Captain Hawk, the Avatar found the Serpent Crown in a hollow tree near the Knight's Test. The Serpent Armour was next. After giving the disfigured Lady Yelinda the Comb of Beauty, she gave in return the key for the treasure chamber in Fawn, where the Armour was kept. The eye was last, and the Avatar only got it after Sethys died, having left the field that enabled him to live for so long.


  • Serpent Earrings: Shamino in Moonshade, after leaving Mountains of Freedom.
  • Serpent Ring: Zhelkas in Furnance, after passing the test.
  • Serpent Necklace: Siranush in the Dream Realm, after giving her the Dream Crystal.
  • Serpent Staff: Furnace, Troll camp on the west side (find key on dead Troll).
  • Serpent Crown: Hollow tree at 85S 23W
  • Serpent Armour: Fawn treasury, key from Lady Yelinda.
  • Eye of the Serpent: Sethys in Temple of Tolerance.

Spoilers end here.

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